Baby Cakes® perform best in a fairly neutral soil with a pH of 6.5–7.5. The soil and location should be well-drained and in full sun. In regions with extreme heat, these two varieties will perform best in afternoon shade to protect them from excessive heat.  

All of the varieties in the Bushel and Berry® collection will thrive in patio pots, edible gardens or in the landscape for years of enjoyment.  We recommend planting in a large container, up to a half-whiskey barrel. Remember, this is a cane berry that will continue to grow shoots which will eventually fill the pot. 

In Container

  1. Choose a container (12–16” in diameter is ideal). 

  2. Fill ⅔ of the container with regular potting soil. 

  3. Remove plant from pot and use your hands to gently loosen the roots. 

  4. Place the plant into container and fill with regular potting soil. 

  5. Water and place in a sunny spot. 


  1. Pick a sunny place to plant. All berry plants need at least 6 hours of full sun to produce berries.

  2. Dig a hole slightly larger than the container. Work the soil at the bottom of the hole with your shovel so that it’s loose and aerated.

  3. Remove the berry plant from its container. Use your hands to gently loosen the roots at the bottom of the plant.

  4. Place your plant in the hole, ensuring that the base of it is level with the soil.

  5. Add soil back to the hole around the plant. Crumble the soil so that it’s nice and aerated. If desired, mulch around the plant.

  6. Water your plant thoroughly around the base, allowing it to soak in. Continue to water 2-3 times a week, ensuring that the plant stays moist but not overwatered.