Follow these simple guidelines to plant and care for your Raspberry Shortcake® and Baby Cakes® varieties.


Planting Site and Soil

Raspberry Shortcake® and Baby Cakes® perform best in a fairly neutral soil with a pH of 6.5–7.5. The soil and location should be well-drained and in full sun. In regions with extreme heat, these two varieties will perform best in afternoon shade to protect them from excessive heat.

All of the varieties in the Bushel and Berry® collection will thrive in patio pots, edible gardens or in the landscape  for years of enjoyment.  We recommend planting in a large pot as big as 24 to 36-inches, and up to a half-whiskey barrel. Remember, this is a cane berry that will continue to grow shoots which will eventually fill the pot.


Fertilizing your Bushel and Berry® plants is not necessary for them to grow and produce tasty berries, but it will help your plant thrive. For raspberries and blackberries, a balanced liquid fertilizer in early and late spring is ideal. Pick a fertilizer that contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium with the same numbers.

Tip: If your plants starts to yellow in the summer, a bit of balanced liquid fertilizer will help perk it up in addition to lots of water.


The amount of water your plants need will depend on your climate but generally, you want to make sure the plant has consistent moisture but isn’t overwatered. This usually means watering two to three times a week for plants in the landscape and daily if it’s in a container.

Tip: Remember, plants and their roots in patio pots dry out faster, especially on warm summer days. It's important to water daily and ensure the pot has good drainage


Allow plants to go dormant in the winter without pruning. In early spring, green sprouts will come up from the soil and also appear on some of the pre-existing canes. The sprouts from the ground will eventually become canes which will fruit the following season. Old canes with new growth should fruit this year. Cut back the dead canes without new growth to ground level.

winter care

These two Bushel and Berry™ varieties require little winter maintenance and usually can be left outside. In cases of harsh winter weather, insulating the plant or moving the pot to an unheated garage is a good idea. While storing the plants inside, make sure to  keep the soil moist but not soaked.